Who We Are

Hip Hop Step, Inc., came about through an accident.  I used to live in a gated community that required card access for entrance.  I arrived at the gate one day after work but had not pulled close enough to reach the card reader.  Another car pulled in very close behind me.  I tried unsuccessfully to get the driver to back up so I could move closer to the car reader.  They would not budge, they blew their horn, but would not budge.  I laughed as they could not get in unless I swiped my card to open the gate. 

Finally, I opened my door to lean over but could not reach the card reader.  I put my SUV in park and leaned further toward the card reader and I fell out of my vehicle.  Once again I laughed, as the people behind me continued to blow the horn even after I had fallen out of the vehicle.  I managed to get myself up and slide the card to open the gate.  I returned to my vehicle and proceeded to my parking space.  

After making it up the three steps to my door, my left knee was really painful.  I thought I had sprained it, so I took a hot bath and went to bed.  The next morning I could barely walk.  I decided to go to urgent care to get checked out.  The doctor took x-rays and told me, "I had torn my Meniscus in two places and would need surgery".  He gave me crutches, and said, "Not to put any weight on my knee".  I do not like silver or gray, so the traditional crutches were not going to work for me.  I prayed about those crutches as they sat by the door of my bedroom. What could I do to make them more like me?   I asked my husband to drive me to Lowe's.  I found some blue paint, next to the fabric store for cushion supplies to transform the crutches. I have always dreamed of being the first female lineman in the NFL (I am five feet tall), so I put number 72 on my crutches.   I had my husband take the crutches apart and paint them.  I made some cushions for my underarms.  After a couple of hours I had created some pretty cool crutches. 

An elderly lady in Walgreen's commented on my "pretty  blue crutches", I thanked her and returned home, sat down at my desk, prayed on how I could bring fun to other people that required crutches, canes, and walkers. And here we are today with Hip Hop Step, Inc.  

Executive profiles – Dr. Jay is the CEO/Founder of Hip Hop Step, Inc.  She has a passion for helping others.  She prays about everything before she does it.  Dr. Jay's ultimate vision for Hip Hop Step is to take it global, and provide crutches, canes, and walkers to those in need all over the world.  One day she hopes to add wheelchairs to Hip Hip Step, Inc.  "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible".  Matthew 19:26b. KJV.