Transforming Lives With A Smile



Hip Hop Step, Inc., is a Non-Profit Organization that transforms crutches, canes, and walkers.  We provide them to those in need at no expense.  We manufacture wellness by creating a smile on the faces of the recipients. 

Mission and Vision Statements



We exist to bring fun to an inconvenience by supplying crutches, canes, and walkers to those in need at no cost.


Our vision is to create an atmosphere of wellness and healing through the customization of mobility devices to children, veterans  and those in need.

Transformation to your Specification


To achieve our goal of bringing fun to an inconvenience, we start by praying for each recipient.  We pray for their total physical, mental and spiritual wellness. We then begin the process of transforming their walking apparatus into a unique piece that will place a lasting smile on their face and in their heart.  Healing begins from the inside out.  Joy and laughter are two of the best prescriptions for overall healing and well being.  Having something that is uniquely yours helps to bring about a sense of pride. It lifts the self esteem, and boosts energy levels on all sides.